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Our experience enables us to provide the best bunker solutions for our customers.

SEKAVIN is a leading physical bunker supplier with a strong family tradition in Greece.

Specialized in the supply of fuel oils, distillates and lubricants in the wider area of Piraeus port, Agioi Theodoroi and Syros island, we are committed to fuel quality products and services, to all types of vessels. From refinery to vessel, we assure operational excellence across the entire supply chain; aptly adhering to all health, safety, security and environmental principles.
Our niche locations make us well positioned for various routes - including the Western Mediterranean and Adriatic to Northern Greece, the Bosporus Strait and Black Sea, as well from the Black Sea to Asia Minor Levant and the Suez Canal - since typical deviation costs are eliminated.
We put our clients at the center of everything we do, so that our in-depth knowledge of the marine and shipping industry as well as our competitive pricing, can directly contribute to the enhancement of our customer’s business operations.
We’ve been serving the shipping community since 1979
We’ve been serving the shipping community since 1979


We’ve been serving the shipping community since 1979

It is our distinguished strengths and commitment to excellence that have afforded us with our competitive advantage in the market. At SEKAVIN we provide all of our customers with:


We enhance our core business through the operation of a bunkering station at Syros island.

We enhance our core business through the operation of a bunkering station at Syros island.

Our core business is enhanced by the operation of a bunkering station on the island of Syros. Located in the privileged geographical position of Ermoupolis port, this bunkering station functions as storage and supply of marine fuels; it is a tank farm that has been operational since the late 1970s. It consists of 5 overground tanks with a total storage capacity of approximately 30,000m3. The supply process can happen by ex-pipe at our artificial anchorage for vessels of up to DWT 20,000 MT, or by barge at anchorage off Syros island for vessels that exceed DWT 20,000 MT.

With an aim to reclaim its position as a major bunkering call in the Mediterranean Sea, we have executed an extensive upgrade program for this station’s complete maintenance and refurbishment. This program consists of upgrades in the tank farm, piping and pumps capacities, antipollution and safety means including the development of ancillary services like lubricant and water provisions, garbage removal and agency services.

Global economy and energy are always evolving and at SEKAVIN we look to go beyond the norm and to ensure the longevity of our business.It is for this reason that we continue to invest in finding the best solutions to enhance the operation of this facility's privileged location.

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Operations Manager

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Bunker Executive

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