Through our subsidiary company SEKAVAR SA we provide prompt, efficient and effective agency services to your vessels.

SEKAVAR SA is a leading shipping agency company with over 30 years of experience.

SEKAVAR is one of the first Greek agencies to be accredited with the ISO 9001:2008 certification; serving vessels with all of their needs including supplies, repair and technical services.

SEKAVAR focuses on continuous interaction with various third parties (ports, customs, refineries, operators, charterers etc.), always striving to bring an utmost professional approach to the variable needs of their customers; while maintaining high quality agency services and providing invaluable advice at competitive prices. Our agency company also acts on behalf of various parties, representing their interests in facilitating their ships’ arrivals, clearance, loading, discharging, bunkering, crew changes, and much more, serving all Greek ports.

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STS Services

Through EAST MED STS - powered by Lavar Shipping, Sekavar SA and STS Marine Solutions Ltd-, SEKAVAR provides ship-to-ship (STS) service to support customers across the Greek and Cypriot STS hubs. Solutions are offered to oil majors and commodity traders in their logistics and supply chain activities, while owners and their operators are provided with the assurance that their vessels will be handled with the utmost care and respect when it comes to safety and compliance requirements.

Commandeered by experienced operators, customers are consulted on the best location for their STS operations, utilizing the highest quality fenders, cargo hoses and support vessels. Aligned with our philosophy of providing sustainable turnkey solutions, we offer an integrated range of services including shipping agency, fuel additives handling and supply, spares handling, launch boat services, as well as cargo surveying and superintendence services.

Additionally, we offer STS services for Crude, CPP, DPP and LPG cargo transfers that are immediately available at off port limits Laconia Bay, Greece, and at off port limits in Limassol, Cyprus.

STS Services
STS Services
SEKAVAR leads with a reputation of trust  and strong industry know-how
SEKAVAR leads with a reputation of trust  and strong industry know-how


SEKAVAR leads with a reputation of trust and strong industry know-how

Excellence lies in the quality of the services just as much as it does with the expertise and relationships between people. At SEKAVAR we see our clients as equals, knowing that their industry footprint is just as important as ours. Our clients benefit from: