Worldwide Bunkering & Trading

We add value by eliminating the complexities of bunkering.

At SEKAVIN, we know that energy is ever-evolving and we’re always exploring the opportunities that this evolution provides.

Having established our position as a leading physical supplier, we broadened our services to include bunker and lubricant trading unit that covers the needs of additional locations worldwide.

Positioned at the nexus of bunker and lubricant trading, we extract value along the supply chain, seizing opportunities that benefit our customers. We aim to assist our clients with their worldwide demands while navigating unique complexities for maximum revenue, at minimum risk. SEKAVIN's organizational structure and strong collaborative culture, empowers our traders to act quickly, efficiently, and always in accordance with our Corporate Governance.

A strong track record of long-lasting business partnerships
A strong track record of long-lasting business partnerships


A strong track record of long-lasting business partnerships

With decades of knowledge, we use macro and analytical techniques deploying big data to create an edge in our physical and back-to-back worldwide bunker and lubricant trading operations. SEKAVIN clients experience:

John Tsogas

Head of Bunkering & Trading

Maria Sortsi

Senior Bunker Trader

Anna-Maria Karakasi

Senior Bunker Trader

Panos Tsikleas

Senior Bunker Trader

Nikos Vertsekos

Senior Bunker Trader

Andrey Zubov

Senior Trader

Manos Karapas

Bunker Trader

Antonis Gavalas

Senior Lubricant Trader

Stefanos Couclelis

Postfixture & Operations

Thanasis Poulakis

Postfixture & Operations