Sekavin S.A. is paying special attention to the ecological aspects of bunkering activity. In our practice we strictly follow and observe all existing standards and rules prescribed for the petroleum transshipping operations and prevention of leakage of oil products. We strive to minimize the risk of environmental incidents at all times and to be ready to respond rapidly and effectively should a problem arise.

Our facilities in Syros are in compliance with the ISPS code and have been provided by all appropriate measures and procedures (from level 1 up to level 3) in accordance with the ISPS code referential. Furthermore, and in accordance with SOLAS Chapt. XI-2 ISPS code, which came into force since July 2004, the access of people visiting and crafts approaching vessels is controlled and restricted.

Our facilities in Syros are also provided with a revised Oil Spill Response Facility Contingency Plan. They are equipped with the required antipollution equipment and modern technology for the prevention of oil spills and detection of leakage of oil products. The Antipollution team is theoretically and practically trained in order to obtain the necessary response level. The company also constantly invests in special resources to ensure that the health and security of our personnel and associates are safeguarded to the maximum possible extent