Operational Process

Procedure in order to supply a vessel with bunkers as soon as we have the nomination from our customers is as follows:

  1. We order the quantity and the grade to refinery. In coordination with vessel’s agent we are selecting all details concerning the vessel as IMO NUMBER / FLAG / GRT / NET / TANKS CAPACITIES in order to take permission from customs authorities to supply bunkers to the vessel.
  2. We provide port authorities with the exact date and time of delivery.
  3. One day prior vessel’s arrival we coordinate with refinery in order to send our barge to load the nominated quantity.
  4. On date of delivery vessel should call barge via VHF channel 12 or channel 16 in order to meet him at anchorage position or at place that vessels working cargo to supply bunkers.
  5. As soon as barge will be alongside to the vessel, chief engineer should come to our barge together with our master to measure the barge before and after delivery in order to agree and sign all papers for the exact quantity the vessel is supplied.